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Flash Demo Script: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant

Microsoft SQL Server is the premier relational database management system on the market today, offering a complete, end-to-end database management solution. According to IDC, it's also the fastest-growing database on the market.

Many customers--including Motorola, Simon & Schuster, and Dow Chemical--are switching to SQL Server from other databases such as Oracle and DB2. There are lots of good reasons to switch, such as lower total cost of ownership, ease of management, robust security, and developer productivity. It's scalable and reliable.

SQL Server can give employees timely business information tailored to their specific needs. Rich data-analysis and data-mining capabilities integrate with familiar applications like Microsoft Office. As for cost, SQL Server includes key management tools, advanced security features, and business intelligence capabilities at no additional charge. Oracle sells these features as extra-charge options.

Despite the advantages and cost savings, many customers have been reluctant to switch to SQL Server because of the task of migrating the databases from Oracle or DB2. And, in the past, this could be a complex and costly process. But thatís where Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant comes in. Itís a new product that automates the process. Perhaps best of all, the product can be accessed free of charge at Microsoft.com.

SQL Server Migration Assistant--which, in its initial release, addresses migration from Oracle to SQL Server 2000--automates almost every aspect of database migration, making the process easy and predictable. As a result, the time, cost, and risks associated with migrating to SQL Server are reduced by as much as 80 percent.

It provides comprehensive assessment reports, one-click conversion of all schema and data, one-click conversion of almost all database-resident business logic, and automated testing of the converted code.

SQL Server Migration Assistant performs four major functions:

  • First, it evaluates the database and calculates the time and effort required to migrate it.

  • Next, it converts the database, providing a powerful, integrated development environment for cross-platform database developers. SQL Server Migration Assistant typically converts more than 90 percent of the SQL code automatically, and has achieved automatic code conversion of up to 99 percent. With a single click, it converts all database objects, including stored procedures, functions, triggers, views, packaged functions, and sequences. It also gives context-sensitive warnings and output messages, and allows developers to convert objects all at once or one at a time.

  • After the schema is converted, SQL Server Migration Assistant migrates the data. The data can be moved on a per-table basis or all at once.

  • Finally, it automatically validates the migration process, testing all the converted database objects against the original Oracle-based code. It also verifies that the behavior of the converted code is identical to that of the original code, flagging those code objects that donít conform.

The initial release of SQL Server Migration Assistant addresses migration from Oracle to SQL Server 2000. Itís available free, right now, at Microsoft.com. Learn more today.

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